Auditions FAQs

How do I become a member of the PGMC?
Joining the PGMC is easy. Simply sign up for an audition and we’ll take it from there.

Auditions? Woah… that sounds difficult.
Don’t let the word “audition” scare you! Our auditions are simply a way for us to evaluate your skill level and vocal range.

When are auditions held?
Auditions are held 2-3 times a year: in August, before our fall trimester, in December, before our winter trimester, and often in March, before our spring trimester.

When is the next round of auditions?

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

6-8 pm

The Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion

2110 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103



What does an audition entail? Do I have to have a prepared piece?
Auditions are a very simple process. A prepared piece is not needed. A typical audition will consist of the following:

  • Some exercises to determine your vocal range
  • A few exercises to test your pitch recall
  • Singing a piece of music you are familiar with as selected by the director (i.e. “Amazing Grace”, “The Ash Grove”, “My Country Tis of Thee”)
  • Singing your part on a piece of music you most likely don’t know

Overall, the audition will generally last about 5 minutes. It is one-on-one with you and director.

Do I have to be able to read music?
You should have a basic understanding of music — such as note names, sharps, flats, time signatures — but we do not expect you to be able to sing a piece of music perfectly the first time you see it (though we certainly don’t mind!). We do recognize that some people have sung in groups for years, but never learned to read music properly. We welcome you to audition as well.

How do I sign up for an audition?
There are several ways to schedule an audition:

Web: A few weeks before the audition date, we’ll set up a link where you can select the exact time yourself. Check the paragraph “When is the next round of auditions?” above for the link.
Phone: (215) 731-9230
In Person: At concerts or at our booth at Pride events.

We’ll need your name, phone number and/or e-mail so that we can contact you to schedule an audition. When contacting us, please advise us if discretion should be used when calling you back. We don’t want to mistakenly “out” someone when we call!

Please note: Due to various problems with spam filters and the like, if you e-mail us and you don’t receive an acknowledgment within a week or so, PLEASE E-MAIL US AGAIN!

When and where are rehearsals?
Weekly full chorus rehearsals are held on Wednesday evenings from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Lutheran Church of the Holy Communion, 2111 Samson Street. There is also a monthly sectional rehearsal. Finally, there is one daytime Saturday rehearsal per concert. The music is posted online to facilitate individual practice outside of rehearsals as needed. Brotherly Love, our select ensemble, rehearses at additional times, currently on Tuesday evenings. Exact rehearsal dates are finalized before the start of rehearsals for that concert, and generally at the start of the season. We rehearse from September to May or June, with a break in December after our holiday concert.

What is your attendance policy?
We expect all members to attend all rehearsals. We recognize that Chorus members may occasionally become ill or have schedule conflicts with work or other obligations, and may need to miss one or two rehearsals. Members should inform their section representative of absences or record it themselves in the PGMC online membership site. There is a concert readiness rehearsal for members who have missed regular rehearsals. If a member misses three to four full rehearsals (depending on the concert), that member’s participation in that concert will be at the discretion of the director. Full details are in the membership handbook.

Are there membership dues?
Yes. Dues for the concert season are $150 for the entire year. If you join in January, the dues are $120 for the remaining two concerts. If you join in March, dues are $90 for the remaining concert. Recall that auditions are not always held in March. Dues help us pay for our fixed operating expenses, such as music purchase, rehearsal space, insurance, conductor and pianist salaries, etc., as ticket sales alone do not cover all expenses.

Is there help available if I can’t afford the dues?
Yes! There are several options available to those with fixed or limited incomes such as students or senior citizens. These options include a payment plan and/or a donation from other chorus members. Don’t let the “money factor” keep you from joining!

Are there chances for small group performances or solos and duets?
The chorus has one smaller ensemble called Brotherly Love. This is an auditioned group that performs at our major concerts and other performances as needed. Solos and duets in major concerts will vary depending on our repertoire.

How often does the chorus perform?
Our major concert schedule generally follows this format: December – Holiday concert; March/April – Spring concert; May/June – Pride Concert. Additionally, there may be a few smaller, optional performances and appearances throughout the year. Events for this season are listed on our Events Page.

What kind of music does the chorus perform?
We pride ourselves on doing a variety of music throughout the year. Our repertoire covers everything from classical and holiday music, to ballads, pop and rock, all the way through Broadway and pride music. Explore for yourself on our Listen page for samples from our recent concerts and recordings.

What about dancers?

Next audition date is August 23rd, 6-8p. E-mail directly to confirm your audition time slot.  Read on for more information on the audition process…

If you’ve been to any of our recent concerts, you’ve probably noticed that for almost all of them, several of the numbers have had 6-10 dancers perform in front of the Chorus. Dancers are integral to most performances and provide the Chorus with its distinctive flair. We are fortunate to have an exceptional costumer who designs the flashy costumes they wear. Many dancers are also singers, but for any individual concert, dancers will often be unable to perform as singers in part or all of that concert. Unlike singers, dancers are re-auditioned at the start of rehearsals for each concert. Auditions are held separately from singer auditions (often on a different date) and are held as a group. Dancers will be taught a brief routine, and should come to auditions dressed to dance; sneakers are recommended. Like singers, all dancers are volunteers and dues-paying members of the Chorus. There is assistance available for people on limited budgets; see above for details. To find out when the next round of dancer auditions are held, or for additional information about being a dancer, send an email to dance @ (Remove the spaces around the @ sign.) Check out our You Tube page for samples of some of our performances.

Are there activities outside of singing I can get involved in?
Yes! There are many committees in the Chorus which are vital to its operation. These committees include membership, marketing (publicity), production (venue selection, decorations, costumes, light and sound), programming (music selection), development (grant writing and business sponsorship), finance, ticketing and special events (including fundraising events). We encourage involvement in committees by both singing and non-singing members. Additionally, the social committee plans activities for chorus members outside of rehearsals that allow members to socialize and have fun outside of rehearsals.

Do I have to be gay to join the chorus?
Even though the word “gay” is in our name, there is absolutely no requirement that you actually be gay to be in the chorus. PGMC does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, so everyone is welcome to audition. As long as you don’t have a problem with us, we don’t have a problem with you!

I have more questions, where can I get more information?
E-mail us at auditions @ for more information.

Why We Sing & When I Knew Stories
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